Volume 3, Issue 2, 2021, Page 21 - 35
Author(s) :
Nadia Ahmadi *1
1 Research center of food technology and agricultural products, department of food, halal and agricultural products, Standard research institute, Karaj, Iran

Abstract :
Black garlic is a functional nutrient produced from fresh garlic and is made by fermenting whole garlic or peeled pulp in a chamber whose temperature is between (60-90 ° C) and humidity (70-90). 2) It is set and prepared in a period of 30 to 90 days. As a result of this process, the smell of garlic disappears and it acquires a soft, jelly-like texture and a taste similar to figs. This makes the normal garlic caramelized. One of the most important things that happens to garlic during this process is that it loses its spicy taste because some of the ingredients in this substance are neutralized The healing properties of black garlic are not less than ordinary garlic and even work better in some cases, which is why the price of this type of garlic is very high. Black garlic has a lot of antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids, tetrahydro-β-carboline derivatives and organosulfur compounds compared to fresh garlic. Note that fermentation not only changes the nutritional components and sensory properties, but also increases the activity of black garlic. Growing evidence showing the therapeutic effects of black garlic, including anti-cancer, anti-obesity, immune system, hypolipidemia, antioxidant, liver cell protector and nerve protector, has been reported over the past few decades. Among garlic processing products, black garlic is one of the most well-known functional foods available in the global market.

Keywords :
Fermentation, treatment, white garlic, black garlic