Volume 1, Issue 3, 2019, Page 174 - 186
Author(s) :
Majid Ranjbari *1 , Asadallah Hejazi 2
1 PhD student in Geomorphology, University of Tabriz
2 Professor, Department of Geomorphology, University of Tabriz

Abstract :
Accidents that occur suddenly and cause damage to humans and the environment are known as natural hazards. These risks, due to their unexpected nature, in most cases cause a lot of financial and human losses. Among natural hazards, earthquakes and landslides are among the most devastating hazards. These hazards are more severe and harmful in urban communities due to greater population concentration. Therefore, identifying areas that are more vulnerable to natural hazards can be effective in planning to reduce the effects of these disasters. The present study aims to zoning vulnerability to natural hazards of landslides and earthquakes. Applied research and its method is descriptive-analytical; The required statistics and information have been collected through library studies and remote sensing data. Findings show that in the zoning of Kermanshah province in relation to fault lines and rivers, relatively high altitude and high slope, the central parts of the province have a high potential for flooding and vulnerability to natural earthquake risk. Which is one of the most important parts of this area of Kermanshah city as the center of the province

Keywords :
Environmental hazards - Kermanshah province - Flood – Earthquak