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The feasibility of the implementation of the Aquaponics system by low consumption LED diode technology with the help of renewable energies
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019, Pages 28 - 37
Author(s) : AhmadReza Moalla 1 , Mina Rajaee* 2 , Parvaneh Nemati 3

1 Production Manager of Pars Saman Iranian Company

2 Researcher and Scholar of Pars Saman Iranian Company

3 Researcher and Scholar of Pars Saman Iranian Company

Abstract :
Aquaponics is a system for the simultaneous development of aquatics and plants. In this article, the growth of plants in the Aquaponics system is indicated by artificial light for the growth of lettuce. As a result, the efficiency and benefits of using this system are investigated in proportion to conventional and old methods, such as economic justification, reduced energy, and fuel consumption, reduced cropping area, reduced water consumption significantly, reduced pests, and consequently, deletion of all fertilizers, medications, and pesticides can be included. One of the main reasons for economic justification and reduction of energy consumption can be mentioned due to the use of full-spectrum led modules along with the use of pure solar energy. In this article, the manufacturing of modules for lettuce growth is also mentioned with the aid of low power LED diodes producing by specifying the lighting parameters.
Keywords :
LED, Full Spectrum, Simultaneous planting, Solar Panel.