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Evaluating the impact of distance from recycling plant on cost and energy consumption during construction and demolition(C&D) waste recycling in Tehran municipality district 15
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019, Pages 4 - 12
Author(s) : Nader Lotfi* 1 , Shiva Abbaspour 2 , Zahra Parastar 3 , Nemat Dindarloo 4

1 Head of green space in district 15 of Tehran municipality

2 Head of green space research and advice Center in district 15 of Tehran municipality

3 PhD student of Islamic Azad university, science and research branch

4 Master graduated student of soil biology and biotechnology of Tehran university

Abstract :
Beside several types of material, construction and demolition waste(C&D waste) waste considered as approximately fifty percent of the entire waste generated. This matter can lead to a major environmental, social and economic problem for human. So it is crucial to have a suitable economic plan to recycle concrete and have a broader insight up to energy consumption during this process. Distance of recycling plant from the jobsite plays an important role in choosing recycling as environmentally friendly activity. Therefore, this research investigates cost and energy consumption for recycling concrete waste in different distance of recycling plant from jobsite and compares it with the case of landfilling concrete waste. For this aim, in one case demolished concrete delivered to a recycling plant and recycled concrete aggregate purchased. In this case the amount of energy and cost investigated in different distance from 10 to 80 kilometers. In the other case, these parameters were calculated when demolished concrete conveyed to the nearest landfill and new virgin aggregate from a concrete plant purchased. The result has shown that, by increasing recycling plant distance up to 60 kilometers, it is not cost-effective to recycling concrete waste and landfilling them is more affordable. Furthermore, the result of energy consumption has shown that it is energy-intensive to build a recycled plant at the location of less than 30 kilometers from jobsite.
Keywords :
Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste; Distance in recycling concrete; Concrete recycling plant.