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Familiarity with Basic and principles of Jujube Training and Pruning
دوره 1، شماره 2، 2019، صفحات 92 - 103
نویسندگان : kamal* 1

1 Master of Agricultural Extension and Education of Southern Khorasan- Agricultural Jihad Organization

چکیده :
Jujube is one of the most important horticultural orchards in the world and Iran. The third rank of jujube cultivation in the world after China and Korea is in the possession of Iran with 3600 hectares area and production of 8000 tons of jujube products in 1399. Of this amount, about 96% of production is concentrated with about 7600 tons and the area under cultivation is about 3450 hectares in Southern Khorasan province. Jujube is not an unknown and new fruit for most Iranians but very little information Jujube pruning is available. In fact, in most people's minds, jujube is not pruned. This article provides an introduction to the basics of jujube training and pruning.
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