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Synthesis of natural antioxidants by oligomer technique in epoxidized sunflower and palm oil and comparison of the effects of rosemary extract and synthetic antioxidants with citric acid in sunflower oil
Volume 5, Issue 1, 2022-2023, Pages 9 - 18
Author(s) : Mohadese Khojir* 1 , Leila Baha 2 , Taherah Harsij sani 3 , Masoumeh Qutbi 4

1 Master’s student in food industry engineering, food quality control

2 Master’s student in food industry engineering, food technology

3 Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry

4 Member of the Faculty of Agriculture, Chalous Branch, Islamic Azad University, Chalous, Iran

Abstract :
Antioxidant is one of the most important additives in oil. In this article, it has been tried to determine the relationship between antioxidant and citric acid and what effects these two additives have on each other so that the product is of high quality. Also, the presence of a natural extract and its effect instead of synthetic antioxidants on the quality of oil. Rosemary extract has been extracted by HPLC method and the same amount as the antioxidant was added to the oil. The result was seen in two graphs that the effect of the natural antioxidant, which is the extract, has a significant effect on the nutritional value and stability. And after that, the synergism of antioxidants with citric acid by the method of this XRD pattern can show the interactions of the components through the change of the crystal structure of the XRD patterns of starch and biocomposites prepared in Figure 3. Raw starch displayed A-type diffraction pattern with characteristic peaks at 2θ of 14.9, 17.3, 18.0 and 23.1◦. During processing, plasticizers penetrate into starch grains, replacing starch intramolecular and intermolecular hydrogen bonds with starch-plasticizer hydrogen. Binds and changes the crystal structure, attributed that the carboxyl groups of CA contributed to the additional interactions with starch/fiber and disrupted the cross-linking reaction of the ordered array of molecules.
Keywords :
synergy, natural antioxidants, epoxidized, oligomer, extract